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How to get a Talkshow host into shape fast

Will your intrepid host fit into his snazzy suit in time for the February 5 *Televised* Première? We've partnered up with the best trainers in Portland to make it happen: Honest Training!

Check out the ridiculous video and see what Honest Training is putting Leo through. (And vice versa.)

Honest Clients get 2-for-1 TLN Tickets!

Watch your Honest newsletters for a code for 2-for-1 tickets to the February 5 show with Andrei Codrescu. Missed it? Contact us and we'll set you up!

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TLN Fans Get 57% off one Month at Honest!

That's merely $99 for One Month of 3 Classes a Week, i.e. mix'n'match 12 circuit and/or spin classes! ($230 Value) Check out Honest's full schedule of classes.

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