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Leo Daedalus is your eccentrifugal host and the originator, producer, and head writer of The Late Now for its five-season run (2012–16).

Catch him on Facebookon Instagram & Twitter @leodaedalus, and on LinkedIn.

Leo is a writer, performer, producer, comedian, singer, filmmaker, foolhardy improviser, and the erstwhile owner and creative director of a mini-branding/media agency (2006–13). Lately he is developing a web series (stay tuned), writing freelance, and reacquainting himself with diurnal living.

As a performer he has worked with Liminal, Portland's most experimental theatre company, to critical acclaim in roles such as The Stage Manager in Liminal vs Our Town and Death in e.e. cummings' little known play Santa. He has also performed with Portland Chamber Orchestra (Façade, Pelléas & Mélisande) with music director Yaacov Bergman.

Leo has lived in Portland, Oregon since 2005. He spent many years in Seattle, a couple in Chicago, a childhood in Switzerland, and he speaks seven languages, some mighty rustily. He lives with his knitting, trombone-playing, singer wife, Anna Leander, in an immense tiny house.